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Debbie&Andrews New Clean & Lean range

New Clean & Lean range from debbie&andrew’s
puts some sizzle into healthy living
debbie&andrew’s has reinvented the sausage by making it clean, lean and high in protein. Even better, it contains no allergens and is totally without gluten, wheat and dairy ingredients!  The Clean & Lean range is driven by debbie&andrew’s desire to make even more out of sausages so they are easy to cook, low on cost, high on satisfaction and are made right to taste great.  You could say debbie&andrew’s has put some real country welly behind healthy eating!
Introducing Clean & Lean High Protein Pork Sausages
These precisely prepared sausa ...

British Pie week

No need to miss out on British Pie week if you are gluten free! 6-12 March 2017
Pies have come such a long way in recent years and gluten free pies are not only widely available now but they are also delicious with a great pastry and plenty of filling. 
You can also make your own gluten free pie at home and add your favourite filling - be it savoury or sweet. 
1. Coori gluten free steak pie
A rich pie with plenty of meaty filling and a fabulous pastry. Superb quality. Free from wheat, gluten and dairy. Order online, at London Selfridges and Tooting Market Coori gluten free Shop.

2. Too Good To Be Gluten Free Red Thai Chicken Pie

The ...

Gluten free pasta - exciting new options!

Gluten Free pasta has come a long way!
There was a time not that long ago, when gluten free pasta was... shall we say OK. You would only eat it if you really had to. They were often contaminated which was an added problem for the coeliac community.
Today however we are so lucky and we have a huge range of gluten free pastas to choose from made from a variety of flours including the basic but tasty rice or maize; ancient grains such as buckwheat and millet; high protein options such as red lentils and soya beans. There is also a new exciting range of pasta shapes made from green banana flour, sesame seed or flax seed which is low in carbohydrates, suitable for a variety of grain fre ...

LEGGERO (La Polenteria)

La Polenteria becoming LEGGERO
The founders and family at La Polenteria are deLIGHTed to announce that a new exciting era is about to start!
From 6th March, La Polenteria, Italian Gluten-Free kitchen, is transforming into LEGGERO.
LEGGERO is a new brand identity that reflects the evolution of the company along with its vision for the future and the values that shaped our concept: healthy, homemade, delicious Italian recipes with a cosmopolitan twist 100% gluten-free. Since the opening in December 2013, we have been constantly focusing on our customers’ needs, collecting feedbacks, experimenting new recipes, improving our concept whilst offering a unique experience. Unique, i ...