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We have teamed up with some amazing people and businesses to bring you these exclusive opportunities! Win one of our fantastic prizes, make sure you enter the comptitions by filling out the form or answering a question. Good luck! 


Green's Beers Competition

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List of recent competition winners




Feel Free Christmas Extravaganza Winners December:

Jessica Duchen

Elizabeth Crichton

Sue Card

Lauren Gulland


Stonecroft Guesthouse Mini break - December

Neil Hedge


Grassroots Bakery - November

Helen Battle

Holley Chapman


Delicious Alchemy - November

Lesley Day, Georgia McAllister, Cindy Negus, 


Gluten Free Hampers Christmas Hamper - November

Lynn Last


Mr Lee's Noodles - November

Pat Smith


Nomad Health - October

Kerry Hedges


Frozen Hamper Honest Eats - September

Winner: Julie Perry


Alara - September

Winners: TBA


Thornleys - September

Winners:  Maria Conyers, Jill Davis, Louise Emmott


Oh My Goodness - August

Winners: Cynthia Bors, Gloria Camm and Jane Shaw


Gallo Pasta & Ocean Crown Seafood goodie box - August

Winners: Georgia McAllister, Colin Gibbons and Grace Collins


July hamper of the month

Winner: Miriam Said


G&D Shop - July

Winners: Tricia Cowell, Sarah Day and Kate Phillips


Gluten Free Flour Co - June

Winner: Susan Avery

Green's Gluten Free Beers - EURO16 - June

Winner: Loraine Baker


Naturelly Jelly Juice - June

Winners: Laura Barratt, Sandra Hastings and Sandra Merrick

Debbie & Andrews Alfresco dining kit - May

Winners: Joy Winn, David Mullooly, Iris Tilley, Jacqueline Lawrence, Lindsey Morris

Hamper of the Month - May

Winner: Klara Cort

Essential Gluten Free - A signed copy of Phil Vickery's new book - May

Winner: Katie Howlett

Glorious soup - May

Winner: Charlotte Clavier

Barleycup hamper - May

Winner: Maria Ellis

Rana's Bakery bread mixes - May

Winner: Russell Hempel

Hamper of the month - April

Winner: Louise Evans


Honest Eats snack hamper - April

Winner: Carole Hindle

rawCo Foods - coconut bundle - April

Winners: Wendy Davies, Andrew Barnsley, Kerry Gibson

Ten Acre crisp and popcorn hamper - March

Winner: Rebecca Jones

Honest Eats Spring hamper - Feburary

Winner: Juliet Moran

Rule of Crumb - February

Winner: Amelia Moutousamy

Tiger Nut Co - February


1. Diane Keep

2. Aimee Hawke

3. Annabelle Hudson

Sukrin - Survey competition

Deborah Anderson

Mrs R Marshall

Mrs Kathleen Warwick


Kabuto - January

Sarah Burt

Suzannah Compton


Make it Gluten Free - January

Winner 1: Karen Reynolds

Winner 2: Paulette Coulter

Feel Free for Gluten Free - December

Winner 1: Nicole O'Reilly


Debbie & Andrews - November

Winner 1: Paula Waring

Winner 2: Chloe Moon

Winner 3: Bridget Starman

Delicious Alchemy - November

Winner 1 : Barbara Adams

Winner 2: Wendy Rooke

Gluten Free Hampers - October / November

Winner: Ruth Alexander

GLORIOUS - October

Winner: Julia Thornton

Green's Beers - October

Winner: Robert Murray

"I was impressed with the prompt delivery and more impressed with the quality of both types of beers  many thanks"


Gluten Free Baking & Living Competition - September

Winner: Kirstie Chester

Flowbox Competition - September 

Winner: Christopher O'Toole


Member of the month - August

Winner: Bridgeen England

CELIA lager competition August

Winner: Christina Thackeray

Freego - Back to School competition August

Winner: Katherine Thorpe

Honeybuns summer competiton - August


  1. Mrs JD Carter
  2. Rachel Nicholson
  3. Joy Fortuna
  4. Tracy Steer
  5. Catherine Ryan

Gluten Free Baking & Living - July


  1. Danielle de Bruin
  2. Joanne Gaylor
  3. Kathleen Warwick
  4. Margaret Thomas
  5. Patricia Irwin


App launch hamper July

Winner: Amanda Ledson

Member of the Month June / July

Winner: Bridget Brankin

OkoBay - June 2015

Winner: Sarah Hunter

Coori - Monthly box - June 2015

Winner:  Cassandra Richardson

Member of the Month - May 2015

Winner: Philippa Barnes


ilumi Competition - May 2015

Winner: Joanna Smith

River Cottage Gluten Free Cookery Day - April / May 2015

Winner: Kelly Pollitt

Member of the Month - April 2015

Winner: Lyndsey Cooksey

Feel Free competition - April 2015

A hamper of frozen gluten free goods indluding breaded fish, donuts, pie and party pack.

The winner is: Tracey Williams

Freego competition - March 2015

Winner: Laura-Jane Baker

Member of the Month - March 2015

Winner: Amy Kenney

I just want to say a huge thank you for my March hamper that I won. I received it Saturday morning and was pleasently surprised at all the goodies. A few items I have had before and love such as the macaroons but lots of new things to try.  I tried the chocolate brownies for the first time and they were lovely thank you so much. Amy K.

Kabuto Noodles competition - March 2015 

Winner: Diane Crosby

10 Acre crisp competition - February 2015

A large box of gluten free crisps and popcorn.


  1. Jo Moss
  2. Heidi Mitchell

Gluten free and Vegan book of baking - February 2015

The winner is: competition will be relaunched as winner did not contact.

Member of the monh - February 2015

A gluten free hamper with food and a cookery book

The winner is: Louise Evans


Booja Booja – February 2015

A box of special edition chocolate truffles


  1. Georgie Heisley
  2. Maureen Horsburgh
  3. Angella Willis
  4. Olivia Crooks
"Thanks so much for the chocolates which arrived yesterday. They are truly delicious.


FreeGo Food – January / February 2015

A healthy selection of gluten free food hamper

Winner: Sue Fluegge


Member of the month January

A gluten free hamper with food and a cookery book

Winner: Janet Avery 


"Thank you very much for my gluten free hamper, received today. It has a great range of products, including some new to me which it will be interesting to try out (such as the gnocchi and humus crisps). I am using the recipe book to make my pancakes this evening and have lined up a chocolate cake to make tomorrow!

Dr Eva Cookbook – January 2015


  1. Rachael Burnett
  2. Gayle Simpson

Healthy Mammas – January 2015

Online fitness and nutrition membership, cookery book and resistance band.


  1. Caroline Robertson
  2. Poppy Hocken
  3. Michaela Walker

Honeybuns - December 2014

Festive cake and card tin


  1. Aaron Parker
  2. Tena Powell
  3. Lyndsey Cooksey
  4. Karen

Luxury Christmas Hamper – December 2014

The member of the month received a family sized gluten free Christmas hamper with a selection of gluten free Christmas food including Christmas cake, Christmas pudding, stuffing mix, Yorkshire pudding mix, mince pies, crisps, biscuits including gluten free baking book from Honeybuns.

Winner: Dee Scott 

"The box of goodies arrived today! Thank you so much, such a lovely mixture of treats for us to enjoy.
Have a lovely Christmas.

Kabuto Noodles – December 2014

A box of gluten free noodles and personalised chopsticks

Winner: Ben Audsley

Ten Acres – December 2014

A huge box of gluten free crisps and popcorn

Winner: Alice Higgins


River Cottage – November 2014

A signed copy of cookbook by Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall – Light and Easy, gluten, wheat and dairy free recipes.

Winner: Emma Latham


Kallo – November 2014

Exclusive, hand illustrated keep fresh tins


  1. Jenna Smith
  2. Christine Dallas
  3. Juliet Sen
  4. Emma Millington
  5. Nicole Kallo
  6. Laura Fry


The Ultimate Gluten free hamper, celebrating our site launch – October 2015

This hamper included a great selection of gluten free food from Udi’s, Feel Free Foods, Kabuto Noodles, Perkier, Lovemore Foods, Ten Acre crisps and a gluten free baking book by Honeybuns.

Winner: Sarah Adams