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Good to know
      • S0 – What on earth is a tiger nut?
      • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​Well its not actually a nut! It’s actually small root vegetable, grown and harvested in pretty much the same way as a potato.
      • It's an amazing food, versatile, naturally sweet and gluten free!
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We LOVE tiger nuts and are on a mission to share this fantastic little superfood with everyone!

Tiger nuts can be eaten raw, cooked, as a flour in baking and even drunk as horchata, a delicious tiger nut milk.

3 reasons why we LOVE the tiger nut
*High fibre content - Tiger Nuts have a higher fibre content than oat bran, cabbage, and chia seeds. High fibre is an important part of a healthy balanced diet and can help you feel full for longer.

*High in Vitamin E - Tiger Nuts are an amazing source of Vitamin E , which contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress. A small handful contains as much as SIX avocados!

*Has the same health benefits as olive oil- Cardiologists recommend eating non saturated fats and vegetable fats and Tiger Nuts have a lipid profile which is very similar to olive oil.

They also taste delicious!

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