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Cheese and bacon muffins

A delicious savoury muffin recipe that is perfect for the party season.

Gluten Free Tigernut Florentines FODMAP

his amazingly versatile superfood has totally opened up a whole new world of food for me and since discovering them I have not looked back.

Rudolfs Reward

These chocolate rice crispy cakes are lovely for children to make - with grown-up help when melting the chocolate. They're so easy and fun to do. The process is messy but the results are very pretty,

A Very jolly Christmas Cake

Here's a really simple & super festive twist on our ever popular Honeybuns cake mix. This is a cheat’s dream. Bake on the day or the day before you wish to eat it. Make a larger mincemeat batch as it stores really well & top up weekly with brandy

Hot Chocolate with Chai Brownies

This is properly decadent pudding in mug. If preparing for coeliacs, do make sure the chocolate is gluten free. The chai spice is beautifully flavoured and incredibly powerful. Add a tiny bit at a time and taste before adding more.

Pork and Apple Stuffing

Sausage meat stuffing with sweet fruit is a good partner for roast meats and poultry. You can easily vary the herbs and swap the apple

with semi-dried apricots.

No Sugar Christmas Cake

Make our healthy version of the classic Christmas cake with Sukrin Coconut Flour! This delicious, moist cake is light yet indulgent, packed with fruit but with no added sugar, gluten or dairy.

White Chocolate Cranberry Blondie

Make this festive treat and wow your guests with its healthy yet indulgent deliciousness! We have added white chocolate chunks but you could add nuts instead, or a mix of nuts and chocolate.

Sugar Free Marzipan

This versatile low carb, sugar free marzipan tastes just the same as regular marzipan, but without the sugar and carbs. Great for finishing a traditional Simnel cake at Easter, or shaping into little Easter eggs and cupcake decorations.

Low-carb Gingerbread Cookies

This gluten-free, sugar-free, low-carb gingerbread is just as tasty as regular gingerbread, but being made with Sukrin Gold is lower in carbs and sugar-free.