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Taming Twins Marmalade Sticky Sausages

Sarah Barnes explained that this recipe really keeps things simple. “Perfect for after school dinner, when it’s cold and grey and comfort food that can be popped into the oven is required. This also makes a delicious leftovers lunch the next day”.

Crunchy One Pot Chipolata Cassoulet

debbie&andrew’s latest ‘welly good idea for a sausage’ is a tender but succulent chipolata. It is designed with the family in mind with reduced levels of fat and salt as well as being gluten wheat and dairy free.

Mussel Pie recipe

Mussel and leeks for a home made gluten free pie filling

Shellfish & Corn Chowder

A great mid week supper, delicious chowder with plenty of seafood.

Boozy Sausage, Fenland Celery and Apple Hotpot with Cider

One pot comfort food at its best. This delicious casserole uses a trio of the best of British regional produce; Newmarket sausages, Fenland Celery and Bramley apples.

Manju Malhi’s South Indian Style Chicken Curry with Shallots

This fiery curry is softened by the sweetness of the shallots and the coconut milk. Shallots do not need to be cooked thoroughly like onions and lend themselves extremely well to Indian spices.

Moist Mole Meatball Recipe

If you are hosting a BBQ or you are attending one, these quick little bundles of flavour have a spicy kick from in the tomato sauce, will be a winner for everyone!

Patatas Bravas with Shallots, New Potatoes and Chorizo

A delicious combination of flavours and textures, smoky paprika, tender roasted shallots and new potatoes make this an easy, inexpensive crowd pleaser.

Honey and Soy Glazed Roasted Shallots and Sausages

Sweet, savoury, sticky and totally irresistible, this quick to make supper dish is a great mid-week staple.

Chicken with lentils and rosemary

An easy one-pot supper for a cold night, this is started off on the hob, then transferred to the oven to bake. A sturdy casserole, or any good pan that’s both flameproof and ovenproof, is the ideal vessel.