SuperSeed Flaxseed fusilli with creamy mushroom

13/03/2017 by

SuperSeed Flaxseed fusilli with creamy mushroom




·         50g SuperSeed Flaxseed fusilli - order here

·         1 shallot

·         200g chestnut mushroom

·         Some shitake if possible

·         Alternative cream (soya)

·         Olive oil

·         Parsley

·         Salt & pepper




1)      Dice up the shallot and gently fry it until it is translucent with some olive oil.

2)      Bring salty water to the boil, put the pasta in and cook it for 7 minutes.

3)      Dice up the mushrooms (wipe them clean first) and then add to the onion.

4)      Fry them for maximum of 5 minutes.

5)      Add a big splash of cream, season with salt & pepper.

6)      Drain the pasta and place it on a plate.

7)      Pour the creamy mushroom sauce on the top, sprinkle some chopped up parsley on the top.